Sport Particular Exercises: Cross-Nation Working – Weeks 1-6 – Fitness Workouts, Nutrition Tips, Supplements

Sport Particular Exercises: Cross-Nation Working – Weeks 1-6

EDITOR'S NOTE: Terrance Gant is the assistant varsity soccer coach and defensive coordinator at Tempe highschool in Tempe, Arizona. He additionally doubles as the top energy and conditioning coach for a number of the sports activities packages.


Explosive and Absolute Energy for Cross Nation Runners

Whereas it might be apparent that distance runners want distinctive endurance, there are different abilities and bodily traits which can be required to lift an athlete from "finisher" to "winner."



Cross nation working takes place over diversified surfaces underneath a wide range of circumstances through the autumn and winter, making stability a key attribute. Analysis has proven that energy can also be of nice significance to endurance runners. Lastly, the flexibility to provide copious quantities of energy on demand (explosive energy) helps when sprinting is required.


This twelve-week program is designed to foster these attributes whereas sustaining a excessive degree of security for the trainee, and is suitable for high-school and older athletes.


Getting Began – Decide Your One-Rep Max (1RM)

Start by figuring out your one-rep max. There are other ways to do that, however one of many most secure is by calculation. Comply with this hyperlink, carry out the workout routines listed in this system, and plug within the load and reps to find out your 1RM for this system. The hyperlink supplied additionally calculates all the odds you'll want for this program.


You’ll want to report your 1RM for all workout routines so you’ll be able to examine later in this system. Should you aren't progressing, you'll wish to know.


Loading Scheme for the First Six Weeks

Week 1: 80% of 1RM

Week 2: 65% of 1RM
Week 3 :70% of 1RM
Week 4 :55% of 1RM
Week 5 :80% of 1RM

Week 6: Check Week – Re-test your 1RMs


The Coaching Program



1. Glute-ham raises are one set to exhaustion. Lunges are one set to exhaustion per leg.

2. Should you miss any reps throughout week 5, your weight doesn't progress it doesn’t matter what you elevate throughout take a look at week.

3. There isn’t a linear development throughout units. All units use the identical load for every exercise.