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Gymnastics Coaching: Higher Physique and Core Energy Focus

Cycle six of the gymnastics exercise program concentrates on higher physique and core energy with some unilateral leg workout routines labored in. This cycle applies the rolls and steadiness work we’ve carried out in previous cycles to extra than simply the ground and strikes steadiness between primary talent and energy work.


For extra movies of the actions in these exercises, go to the Breaking Muscle Youtube channel and the CrossFit EST Youtube channel.



Week One

Day One

Handstand steadiness work – quarter-hour


3 Units of:

  • 10 Chin ups
  • 10 Ring dips
  • 15 V-up


Day Two

4 units of 1:00 holds:

  • Left break up
  • Proper break up
  • Center break up/pancake


Day Three

3 x 10-20 faucet swing on rings

5 x 5 ice cream maker



Tabata leaping change lunge


Day 4

4 units of:

  • 5 bridge ups
  • 10 pass-throughs
  • 1:00 sofa stretch


Day 5

3 x 5-10 candlestick pulls


As Quickly As Possible (AQAP):

  • 50 hole rocks
  • 50 supermans


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